Welcoming our new sales director

May 1, 2017
We are very pleased to introduce XMC’s new Global Sales Director, Preston Marthey. Preston will be joining our management team and brings 25 years of experience in the water management segment of precision agriculture spanning both Laser and GPS based machine control offerings. Prior to joining XMC, he was the Global Sales Manager at OptiSurface, the #1 Best Selling 3D Agricultural Earthworks Design Solution.

Preston will take on the leadership of our sales team and business development to expand the reach and support of our AGPS brand machine control products. We are confident he will be a great asset to XMC.

We are Excited to introduce XMC Machine Control

AGPS Powered by XMC
February 7, 2017– XMC Machine Control is open to serve machine control customers worldwide.

XMC Machine Control is a partnership of Mike Cook’s Soil and Water Management Systems and other machine control dealers that brings you over 100 years of machine control expertise. Our experience coupled with ownership of the AGPS brand will set new standards in machine control. We will provide box products and custom solutions to fit your needs and bring you a complete system. XMC will continue to operate in the Ag and Construction markets.

This partnership was put together to add stability to a code base that had an uncertain future. The XMC partnership creates a future for our current and future customers that was missing in past years. All relationships have been settled and contractually agreed upon. We have a clear path to the future. We are extremely excited about using our technology to make our customers and dealers more successful in the machine control business.

Our expertise allows us to custom build solutions for niche markets, listen to our customers, and create specific targeted solutions. No more general use construction or adapted Ag systems which are not specifically built to fit your job.

XMC will gladly support AMW customers and AGPS customers with any issues they may have. XMC extends an invitation to all those customers looking for expert support and a future with the product investments they have made.  Team up with the experts so you are the first to know of product updates. We will be modernizing product interfaces to make our systems more efficient for the operator. The core engine providing industry leading machine control will remain unchanged. 
Please direct any communications to stay tuned for the website kickoff.

January 2017: Changes at AGPS

The ownership of AGPS has been bought by Mike Cook's Soil & Water MGMT Systems. We are becoming an integral part of a new company that not only can sell and support licenses for the popular line of AGPS software, but also bring forth enhancements and improvements our customers have been requesting.

Look for more details and a new website to follow.

Existing customers are welcomed to Contact us with any technical questions, we recognize that high level support is important in helping your business prosper while using the AGPS system.

AGPS activation line

Your AGPS dealer should be your first contact for software activation and support. If your dealer is unable to assist, please try one of the numbers below. Please note that this line is not for technical support.

That number is (989) 402-4779 or remember 989-40AGPS9

You may also try Alternate number: (231) 268-4269


About AGPS

GPS sells software and hardware for mapping and machine control, with a focus on Agricultural water management.
We have service, support, parts, and hardware along with software for any system. We can help you maintain older systems as well as new.
We look forward to helping existing customers as well as new.

Our Mission
AGPS offers over 20 years of experience in Soil and Water Management. Utilizing AGPS applications, coupled with RTK GPS for 3D Machine Control, the Agricultural community is resolving `farm drainage` problems. AGPS is in business to help our customers prosper. A full line of farm drainage tools are available; AGPS-Topo (data collection), AGPS-Pipe Pro (drainage pipe installation), AGPS-Ditch Pro (drainage ditches, waterways), AGPS-Dirt Pro (land leveling/forming), as well as Land Shaping and Tile Design.