January 2017: Changes at AGPS

The ownership of AGPS has been bought by Mike Cook's Soil & Water MGMT Systems. We are becoming an integral part of a new company that not only can sell and support licenses for the popular line of AGPS software, but also bring forth enhancements and improvements our customers have been requesting.

Look for more details and a new website to follow.

Existing customers are welcomed to Contact us with any technical questions, we recognize that high level support is important in helping your business prosper while using the AGPS system.

AGPS activation line

Your AGPS dealer should be your first contact for software activation and support. If your dealer is unable to assist, please try one of the numbers below. Please note that this line is not for technical support.

That number is (989) 402-4779 or remember 989-40AGPS9

You may also try Alternate number: (231) 268-4269