Suspended operations

Due to a conflict in ownership and availability of AGPS software, AGPS INC.’s shareholders have decided to suspend operations as of December 31, 2014. 

Please contact your local dealer for further support. Dealers or other inquiries please use the Contact Us page.

Past AGPS customers will be able to continue to use their software, however AGPS Software Assurance is suspended at the end of the term customer bought from us.  Software uses can still be obtained at (989) 402-4779. Caution is given to have your current max release number ready to avoid problems.  Should our problems be resolved, we will advise. 



Mike Cook, President

Advanced Geo Positioning Solutions, Inc.

AGPS Announces Pipe Design

New Offering added to the popular AGPS Water Management Software Suite

Advanced Geo Positioning Solutions, Inc. (AGPS) is pleased to announce a new software offering, AGPS-Pipe Design, for use in conjunction with its highly popular drainage software solutions, including Pipe Pro™, Pipe FM™, and more.

Notable features include:

  • Draw mains with designed depth – including profile view.
  • Automatically draw a group of laterals within a watershed boundary or other break lines.
  • Export to AGPS-PipePro or AGPS-PipeFM+ software for automatic blade control in the field. *Note that AGPS-PipeFM does not import background drawings.
  • AGPS-PipePro offers flexibility to follow the exact designed elevation, or make changes in the field.
  • Compatible with background images from many other sources, or create a contour map from survey data collected in AGPS-Topo.
  • Footage report for amount of tile designed.
  • Other features; pipe sizing, etc. coming in future releases.
  • Training video posted at:
  • Click here for the brochure

Contact any AGPS authorized Dealer for more information on the launch of this exciting design and layout tool. Existing AGPS-Pipe customers may contact their AGPS dealer for more information on the Pipe Design program. All interested parties should contact an AGPS dealer to discuss how the various AGPS soil and water management solutions, including the new Autosteer, and the new Pipe Design programs, will increase productivity - accurately and efficiently.

PipePro Autosteer

May 1, 2013

AGPS Announces Pipe Pro™ Autosteer

Powerful Upgrade to popular Water Management Software

Advanced Geo Positioning Solutions, Inc. (AGPS) is pleased to announce a new add-on feature for their popular Water Management software, Pipe Pro™. AGPS is first to offer automatic steering (Autosteer) for self-contained tile plows. Autosteer-ready machines include the "Next Generation" (2011 and newer) RWF/BRON 450 and 550 power units, as well as some other machines with single joystick and dual stick electronic track controllers.

Notable features include: 

  • Dual GPS input for accurate machine heading. 
  • Accuracy up to +/- 0.1' 
  • Steer to any LAY/PTL path selected in the program, including Grid lines, designed drawings, and offset paths. 
  • Less operator fatigue, assuring more focus on what is going on around the machine, not just holding a straight line.

Existing customers should contact their AGPS dealer for more information on equipping their machine with Autosteer; or locate the nearest AGPS dealer to discuss how AGPS-Pipe Pro™, including possible Autosteer, and/or other products increase productivity.

AGPS Announces New User Interface

AGPS™ Announces New User Interface

Powerful Upgrade to popular Water Management Software

Advanced Geo Positioning Solutions, Inc. (AGPS™) is excited to announce a new user interface for its suite of popular Water Management software for tiling, ditching, earth moving, and topography collection. Based on feedback from customers, this comprehensive upgrade features a more intuitive, touch-screen friendly system to make RTK-GPS enhanced water management easier and faster.

New improvements in the software include:

  • Improved touch-screen support.
  • Cleaner working screen layout with new look and feel.
  • Screen layout similar across programs.
  • Intuitive icons for quick program navigation
  • Single window design that is easier to minimize and exit.
  • Changing color schemes to show different Pipe or Ditch Pass type.

All new copies of the AGPS™ Water Management software will have this new interface. Current Software Assurance customers can upgrade their existing software at no additional charge

The AGPS™ suite of water management software has been improving customer’s efficiency and accuracy in sub-surface and surface drainage and earth moving operations for over 15 years. This major software enhancement keeps AGPS™ water management software up to date with current touch-screen hardware. AGPS™ is committed to providing the best customer experience possible with its industry-leading line of software and technology.

Although the new interface is our next generation machine control and data collection application, the classic version is still available in all new software, and can be reverted back to in a few easy steps.

Additional information regarding AGPS can be found at: A complete list of AGPS dealers is available at

AGPS activation line

AGPS now has one consolidated phone number for software activations/unlocks. This number rings multiple people and you get the first available representative. Please note that this line is not for technical support.

That number is (989) 402-4779 or remember 989-40AGPS9

You may also try Alternate number: (231) 268-4269

Announcing AGPS-Guide2D


 AGPS would like to announce the release of AGPS-Guide2D.  This software targets backhoes, excavators, and tile stringing vehicles. Guide2D displays information such as guidance grids, maps, or as built data from a AGPS-PipePro system.

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