Current GCS release : 22.1102  11/02/18

Release notes:
  Pipe: Reset the pass labels when a user creates a new job from the Dashboard.
  Pipe & Ditch: Fixed font size issue of Up/Down message
  Pipe: Resolved a issue that sometimes caused the RIP pass to not record points.

  NovAtel ALIGN: corrected an error in the commands so that the heading message output at the same rate as the position message.
  More program logs will be archived in C:\arity\gcslogs
  Implement the 'True North' 1 point Local point setup

  Dirt: speeding up reading TIN files (surface files representing triangles)
  Installer: Fixed an issue that was replacing global.rod, .lbl, .cfo files.
  Pipe: Letter "G" for Go/Stop mode on the keyboard has been disabled. The program will stay in Go mode. 

Changes in past versions:

22.0524 - 22.0723
  GCS version includes the updates to the unlock system required for activations. Note: Installer requires some WinXP components to be updated before install. Please use the file.

21.1011 10/11/2017:
  Fixed: Pipe- glitch in ver 21.0721 where program would lock up on SVY.
  Fixed: Red message bar to stay on screen in Dirt.
21.0721 07/21/2017:
  Pipe- *New feature* "Intercept Point". To use, touch on the profile near the area you want to change, then touch Modify. New options are:
      Add    a   Intercept Point by Depth ...
      Add    a   Intercept Point to the Plan ...
      Add    a   Intercept Point from CTL point ...
      Delete all Intercept Point from the Plan ...
      Parameters  menu.
      Quit this Menu and Retart Current Pass.

21.0711 07/11/2017:
  Pipe: "Maximum slope change of pipe (smooth)" now has a new behavior. The new default is 2%. A value of 2 means the profile should not change in increments more than 2% per 10' (or your set distance).  WARNING, we have found rare cases where this causes the profile to exceed MaxDepth. Keep watch if the profile goes below the brown line.
  The setting "Toggle Smoothing All" has been removed, since this enhancement will smooth better.

21.0612 06/12/2017:
  Fixes to non-responsive buttons
  On screen keyboard now shows number only pad when needed, rather than full keyboard.

21.0328 03/28/2017:
  NovAtel ALIGN, fixed intermittent "Bad Data" message and slowdowns.
  Dirt-Sideways 2 antenna-fix side view to show more sections of design
20.0919 09/19/2016: Changes to fix Background BMP compatibility/errors on Windows10.
20.0428 04/28/2016: BRON CAN- now support steering on SVY pass.
20.0408 04/08/2016: Northing and Easting are now hidden on the working screen. To enable them,
on the Dashboard click user preferences. Then check "Show Northing/Easting in Plot window"
20.0129 01/29/2016: Dashboard, Utilities menu, has a new Backup screen. You may select to Automatically copy
your \data\ folder to another destination, like a USB or Cloud drive, on startup or shutdown.
20.0104 01/04/2016:
  Pipe: now saving .pln file with proposed profile
  Pipe: Pass menu, Manipulate menu, select a label number then a new option is available to "Restore/Plot this line from ".SVY", ".PLN" Files"
  Click menu, new option to "Restore/Plot closest old Pass"
19.1207 12/07/2015 novaoem6: added issue_cmds switch, preliminary icom1
19.1124 11/24/2015:
  Level: Added code to get the heading in the slopes/AB vector dialog screen.
   1) Added code to export data to cloud or local directory/data stick.
   2) Added code to run ShutBack.exe when a quit and shut down computer request is made.
   3) Moved job selection to main job configuration screen from job summary screen.
   4) Removed code for modifying dialog font.
   5) Added code and screens to handle STA and CRO files for the Road program.
19.1123 11/23/2015 drw2dxf: fixed missing default color, supported rgb.  dxf2drw: supported rgb in dxf2drw.clr 19.1113 11/13/2015 arwvol1.bat: new, calculates volumes between surfaces
within perimeter
19.1022 10/22/2015 gpe2vol: new, compares 2 gpe files to make volume report
19.0923 09/23/2015 instspec: add sideways gps module
19.1022 10/22/2015 gpe2vol: new, compares 2 gpe files to make volume report
19.0804 08/04/2015 pipeutil,pipemenu: support "survey_steering"
19.0804 08/04/2015 dac7000: support "Steering Backing-up Multiplier
19.0523 05/23/2015 novalign,instsetu: use setup North (xyhr) correction
for heading of 2nd dish